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Fri 22.8.14
Gandu (2010)
Ray N

Gandu was banned in India and the explicit sexual content and drug use earns the film a deserved R rating in Australia. But despite the subject matter Gandu is audacious and energetic filmmaking that is so different it may just be the find of the year. . Sponsored by Family Boxoffice.

Wed 20.8.14
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III-The Advent (Blu-ray) (2013)
Ray N

The Berserk - The Golden Age Arc trilogy comes to a bleak and shattering conclusion in the powerful final film of the trilogy, Berserk - The Golden Age Arc III: The Advent. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

Tue 19.8.14
Darkness Descends (2014)
Ray N

Beneath the subways of New York is a world of dark, abandoned tunnels. Living in the tunnels are runaways and misfits, people society has forgotten, as well as a vicious gang led by Angel (Danny Trejo, committed to violent revolution. Darkness Descends is based upon a 5 episode 2009 TV series The Darkness Descending and has the same writer and director. . Sponsored by Fetch.

Mon 18.8.14
Top Gear-The Great Adventures: Burma Special - Extended Edition (2014)

This is an extended version of the adventure special included in Season 21. The extra footage makes it even better and it is very rewatchable for fans of the show. Disc quality is good but not spectacular. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

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