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Wed 23.7.14
Robotics; Notes Collection 1 (Blu-ray) (2012)
Ray N

Cover Art Robotics; Notes starts as a somewhat sweet and simple story but quickly adds layers of characters, plot and ideas, becoming rather too jumbled and complex to be completely successful. Robotics; Notes Collection 1 contains the first 11 episodes of the series on two Blu-rays. . Sponsored by Atomic Movies.

Tue 22.7.14
Winter's Tale (2014)

Here is an interesting and different romantic fantasy with a great cast that has probably escaped your notice due to its critical mauling on initial release in the US. Well worth a go if the concept appeals. Russell Crowe as a very believable demon seals the deal. . Sponsored by Fetch.

Mon 21.7.14
Reilly: Ace of Spies (1983)
Ray N

Reilly: Ace of Spies, made for Thames TV in 1983 and starring Sam Neill, is based the real life adventures of the Russian born Jew Sigmund Rosenblum (aka Sidney Riley) who was a very successful spy for the British before, during and after WW1. The series has been released in Australia previously and this rerelease looks to be the same transfer. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

Sat 19.7.14
Prisoners of the Sun (2013)
Ray N

A team of archaeologists lead by John Rhys-Davies face lethal traps, the undead and the hidden agendas within their team to search for a secret that has lain beneath an Egyptian pyramid for 5,000 years. Prisoners of the Sun is nothing original. It is silly and obvious but there are worse ways to spend 84 minutes as long as your expectations are not high! . Sponsored by Atlantic DVD.

Fri 18.7.14
As I Lay Dying (2013)

One of the great literary works of the twentieth century is brought to the screen by James Franco. The film is engrossing, if not gripping, and the performances are excellent. Heavy going at times, this is worth the effort. The book is great, and the film is good. No extras, but a very nice widescreen presentation. . Sponsored by DeVoteD.

Thu 17.7.14
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) (Blu-ray) (2013)
Ray N

Attack on Titan has gained an extensive following and it is not hard to see why. While ostensibly a revenge tale with some spectacular action sequences, Attack on Titan is also a mystery which raises some complex ideas about loyalty, friendship and what it is to be human. Attack on Titan Collection 1 contains the first 13 episodes of the anime on two Blu-rays. . Sponsored by Disk Doctor.

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